Learning and improvement of swimming skills

Swimming would seem as sport not for everyone but not in Sportevo. If you cannot swim and water appear to you as an element not to gain control over then you are in a right place. One of our best qualified trainers will be assigned to you and he will introduce you to secrets of this discipline from diving to butterfly swimming techniques step by step.

There are available individual classes which are the quickest way to achieve desired effects and group classes for adults and children.

Individual meetings are tailored to your possibilities (time and place of the meeting are determined individually).

Group meetings and individual ones take place:

Monday: sporting swimming 18.40-20.40 Swimming pool – Sport Hall of Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport

Tuesday: running outdoor 17:30-18:30,  Gdańsk GOKF STADION aleja Grunwaldzka 244, 80-314 Gdańsk

Thursday: 18:40 – 20:00 – Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport, adolescents, adults, STT

Saturday: Cycling 8.00-9.30 Outdoor training, area of Spacerowa Street and Reja Street, adolescents, adults,