About us

Group of professional trainers of Sportevo was established by healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. We are people connected by liking for sport decided to share with you their experience and fondness for a healthy lifestyle. Early prevention is the best drug and the biggest frugality that you are able to perform immediately. Sportevo associate only the best class specialists who are able to spark in you what is the best not only in terms of physical but also soul values. We believe that physical effort is not only sweat and weight loss. This is the way of living which will enable you to keep youth longer than in case of using popular in these days pharmaceutical drugs or surgical operations.


We offer you totally innovative form of silhouette shaping in Poland because with the exception for standard trainings we also introduce outdoor classes in the charming corners of Tricity connected with the newest techniques of motivation. We use for our trainings what is the best in this area and  is not accessible for many people living in the different parts of Poland. Classes are organized in places such as bay (beach) and Tricity’s forest which have many interesting corners. We hope that diversity of classes conducted by our trainers will help you choose something for you and your family. It’s high time you left overcrowded gyms and use what nature gives us for free and we are very often not able to appreciate. Thank to classes with our trainers you will meet places and experience loads of energy that you never dreamed about. It will help you receive energy for all of the challenges we face in life every day.